How to choose the right tent?

What is a good tent? Which of the Fauna tents is the best? The answer is subjective with respect to what is right for you, the environment you live in and the experiences you have in mind. We help you choose the right tent matched to your needs. The tent is an important part of your luggage, it should provide protection in storms and be a place for rest

We at Fauna think that a good tent should be easy to set up in all weather and should withstand all weather. Ventilation is important to prevent condensation and the fly screen keeps the insects out. We provide two different types of tents: tunnel tent and self supporting tent, the so-called cupola tent. All our tents are stable, comfortable and have undergone extensive quality control. Everything for your experience in nature to be as good as possible!

Fauna F2 Dome, telt til 2 personer

Things to consider when choosing a tent:

  • How many people will live in the tent? Will you tent alone or have company?
  • How will it be used? Will you tent on a camping, mountain tour or a longer expedition?
  • Will the tent be used in the summer and winter?
  • Are weight and size important?

Our tunnel tent

These tents are not self supporting, so tents pegs and guy lines are required to erect them. The tunnel tent is the most common type of tent in Sweden and Norway. That’s because the tunnel tent has a large apse. This means the extra surface outside the sleeping area which usually lacks floor space. Here there is good space for storage and drying of equipment and you can easily cook food if the weather outside is not permissible. Our tunnel tents are easy to set up regardless of the weather.

We recommend: F2 Light och T3

Fauna T3
Fauna F2 Dome

Our self supporting tent

Also called cupola tent. These tents can only be erected with ties and are best for terrains where it may be difficult to fix ground pegs to rocks, etc. The cupola tent also takes lesser space than the tunnel tent. Is also suitable for places with bad weather. Provides a higher ceiling height inside the tent and lesser apse than in a tunnel tent.

We recommend: F2 DOME

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Fauna is a reliable Scandinavian brand. We provide reliable products developed with our love for nature, hunting and fishing. We focus on functionality and comfort, which enables you to focus on discovering outdoors with your family and friends. Sustainable products that you can rely on year after year. Look forward to an active outdoors with exciting adventure and experiences along with Fauna of Scandinavia!

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