How do I choose the right hunting backpack?

Which backpack from Fauna is best for which type of hunting? It depends on your hunting needs. We have all types of hunting backpacks, designed with good quality and which sit well on the back. Apart from the comfort, it is important that you have place for everything you need. The chair backpacks also work perfectly for ice fishing and other types of experiences where you want to sit comfortably.

Guide to choosing the right hunting backpack


Active hunt

Grouse shooting, small game hunting and other types of day trips

Do you want to hunt on the mountain, be active and walk the entire day, then it is most important to have a backpack that is smooth. Our backpack Fauna f45 Ripa is designed for you to quickly reach and fire your gun. It has a slim design that enables movement and provides good ventilation. The hunting backpack is made with Fauna’s quiet fabric that has an integrated rain protection in strong signal colours for your safety.

We recommend: Fauna F40 Ripa, Fauna F12 Hip, Fauna F40

Fauna Rypa
Fauna våpensekk riflesekk til jakt

Escape in the forest

Small game hunting, elk hunting and bird hunting

Moving in the forest without being heard is important when one hunts. All our hunting backpacks have a strong and quiet fabric that withstands heavy downpour and does not make a sound when you move. Our Fauna F40 has a carrier system that ensures that you can carry weapon on the back safely and comfortably for many hours.

We recommend: Fauna F40, Fauna F20 RFauna FH 45 Hylster-Sekk

Sit comfortably throughout the hunt

Bear Hunt, elk hunt and small game hunt

If you are going on short excursions where you can later sit, it is important that the backpack is comfortable and has enough compartments for all things. There should definitely be room for lunch box! Our Fauna F40 PRO is a test winner and a favourite of many in many countries. It has an ergonomically designed carrier system i.e. the backpack frame follows the spine. A perfect bag even for ice fishing!

We recommend: Fauna F40 PRO Björnen Evo, Fauna F35 PRO Älgen Evo, F30 Vråken EvoFauna ClassicFauna FH35 PRO

Fauna Evo stolsekk med ryggstøtte
Fuglekongen logo

Fauna is a reliable Scandinavian brand. We provide reliable products developed with a love for nature, hunting and fishing. We focus on functionality and comfort, which enables you to focus on discovering outdoors with your family and your friends. Sustainable products that you can rely on year after year. Look forward to an active outdoors with exciting adventure and experiences along with Fauna of Scandinavia!

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