Bengt, a guy from Nedre Gärdsjö in Dalarna was far from pleased. The backpacks on offer were uncomfortable and expensive.
Moreover, they lacked pockets and finesse, certain details to make his hunting and angling trips even better outdoor experiences.

So Bengt did as he used to, he put his mind to figuring out how to invent a brand new backpack. He already had the skills and materials at hand. Bengt is none other than Bengt Fyhr, the carpenter who towards the end of the nineteen sixties designed and began producing the first Swedish tool belts, belts craftsmen of today hardly can do without.

Once again Bengt had taken the matter into his own hands and in 1983 the first backpacks were put out for sale. The sacks started off an outdoors selection from AB Snikkiprodukter in Rättvik, characterized by Bengt’s simple solutions adjusted to the needs of hunters and anglers alike.

When Bengt and his partner, Hans Furn, sold the company they kept the backpack business, thus setting off Fauna®, a trademark today including a range of products for hunting, outdoor life, angling and dog sports.

From 2013 Fauna® is owned and marketed by Vario Sport, a Scandinavian company based in Norway. Vario Sport offers a wide range of outdoor equipment and sporting goods. Bengt’s legacy is taken well care of with the help of new enthusiasts never renouncing on quality, materials or functionality. The development and some of the manufacturing of Fauna’s outdoor products is still taking place In Rättvik.

All products are being tested and developed in close cooperation with dedicated experts – people like you, searching for a best possible outdoor experience. Our friends among hunters and anglers come up with the most honest of answers to our questions and they come up with the best of ideas, so that we can tirelessly adjust details towards perfection. This is why the backpack functionality is matchless, the materials endurable, the tents easy to put up and the sleeping bags so comfortable.

”Bengt showed us the way. For the last thirty odd years it has been simple to make one self comfortable when outdoors”



Measuring nine centimetres from beak to tail, the goldcrest, also known as the king of the birds, is the smallest bird in Europe.

A perfect symbol for the Fauna® products
A long, long time ago the birds decided that he that could fly highest were to be crowned the king of the birds. For a long time it looked as though the eagle was going to win the much desired title. With powerful beats of the wings, he rose higher and higher in the sky, higher than all the others. But just as the eagle was getting tired and shouted: “I’m the king!”, a tiny little bird emerged from its hiding place among the eagle’s back feathers and effortlessly it rose even higher than the eagle.

“No, I’m the one who can fly even higher. Now I am the king!”, the tiny bird tweeted. Since then it has proudly bore the name The King of the Birds.